Mobile Games

The best games for your smartphone

June 20, 2019

Sorry, but mobile gaming is the biggest player in the video game market. In 2018, it made almost half of the industry’s global revenue. Smartphone games once existed separately from console and PC titles, but in the wake of titles like Fortnite, it’s all got a little blurry. You’ll find several games in our selection […]

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6 Advantages Of Mobile Gaming

May 26, 2019

Mobile phones are progressively being engineered for hosting games that feature incredible graphics and complex gameplay, which is why the mobile gaming market has grown into a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry¬†fast. From low costs, to a level of high accessibility, join us as we share the top six advantages of mobile gaming and explore why mobile games […]

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The importance of music in mobile games

May 19, 2019

Music can put soul in any object, and if that object is as revolutionary and commanding as a¬†MOBILE GAME, it adds value beyond expectation. Both mobile games and music invokes the same feelings of excitement, passion, dreams, mystery and unlimited joy. Who can forget the catchy tune of the Super Mario Franchise? It was so […]

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