The importance of music in mobile games

Music can put soul in any object, and if that object is as revolutionary and commanding as a MOBILE GAME, it adds value beyond expectation. Both mobile games and music invokes the same feelings of excitement, passion, dreams, mystery and unlimited joy.

Who can forget the catchy tune of the Super Mario Franchise? It was so well synced with the game that it has become an integral part of the game. My mom who has never played a video game in her life can identify a Mario Bros game solely from its tune. This beloved game easily exemplifies the pivotal role of the music in games to make them famous.

Music can denote so many expressions and feelings effortlessly. High pitching drums announcing the valiant victory of the player or the sad piano jingle suggesting that player has lost. Music can aptly underline the salient features of game play allowing players to feel the real simulation of things happening. The flicking and shuffling of cards, bikes zooming away on the roads, trucks blasting away, bombs going kaboom, screeching of vehicles, squawking of birds etc. can be so aptly described with a music piece. Hard pumping sounds make our blood pump with excitement, adding more zest to the games.

The characteristics of different creatures come alive with a suitable music tune. Like in the popular Angry Birds, the squawks and whooshes of each bird is different, thus giving a unique identity to each bird. It gives extreme satisfaction to hear the gleeful cheer of birds when we are winning against the evil pigs. Right music adds lots of tension and excitement in the gameplay. It can make darker games more ghostly and happy games more jovial. Good music can lift the entire gameplay, making the game experience surreal for players.

Many critics are of the opinion that music in mobile games is not as significant as it is in consoles. Mobile devices are generally not equipped with high end stereo system, thus not depicting the true level of music. More ever mobile games tend to be time killing games which people plays in a public place, where loud music can become obtrusive and embarrassing. But, on the other hand, many gamers use their microphones to fully enjoy the sound effects that come with a game.

Having said that, poor audio can completely ruin the game. An original soundtrack definitely enriches the overall production value of the game. A high energy soundtrack ups the fun quotient of a game making it more memorable and fabulous.

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