Welcome to our new home! -- November 23, 2004

Evil Empire is an alliance-side World of Warcraft guild on the Stormrage server, founded by former members of the EverQuest guild Legacy of Steel who were looking to establish a more casual raiding environment with some of their old friends. WTF, casual??? Yes, times and schedules have changed, and the folks guilded here will not be into the 24/7 hardcore steamroller-type play that LoS was famous for. There are other LoS spinoffs for that, some of which can be found in the links section of this site. That said, we definitely still intend to take names, kick tail, and make stuff dead... just on our own terms and times.

So, why are we, an alliance guild, calling ourselves Evil Empire? Well, if you knew LoS at all you wouldn't need to ask that question. If you didn't know LoS, then there's no point in trying to explain. Let's just call it a matter of nostalgia.

We are not recruiting at this time. We have a solid core group of members from LoS, WoW Beta, and friends, and are currently focusing on getting that group up to raid strength. If you are interested in applying in future, please take the time to read our charter carefully and group with our members in-game so we can get to know each other. We will only be recruiting mature members with solid raiding skills who are not prone to excessive drama. We will post a recruiting policy when we are prepared to consider new members.

In the meantime, welcome to our page, and we hope you enjoy your stay in Azeroth. We certainly are.