Guild Charter

Evil Empire is an alliance-side World of Warcraft guild on the Stormrage server, founded by former members of the EverQuest guild Legacy of Steel who were looking to establish a more casual raiding environment with some of their old friends. WTF, casual??? Yes, times and schedules have changed, and the folks guilded here will not be into the 24/7 hardcore steamroller-type play that LoS was famous for (there are other LoS spinoffs for that), but we will continue to strive for excellence and carry on that legacy at a more relaxed pace. We definitely still intend to take names, kick tail, and make stuff dead... just on our own terms and times.

Why are we, an alliance guild, calling ourselves Evil Empire? Well, if you knew LoS at all you wouldn't need to ask that question. If you didn't know LoS, then there's really no point in trying to explain. Let's just call it a matter of nostalgia. In any case, if you�re looking for a guild that will be among the first to brag about beating the newest challenges in Azeroth, then realistically, you probably aren�t looking for this guild. However, if you�re looking for a relaxed environment with skilled companions eager to tackle raid challenges other "casual" guilds won�t dare to face, then you may have a home here.


Guildleaders - Leick, Satrina
Officers - will be named as guild grows

We believe that�

�winning is more fun with skilled players than sheer numbers.
�having fun is the highest priority.
�drama is unnecessary.
�the betterment of the guild prevails over the betterment of self.
�a code of conduct applies to all interaction with members and non-members.


All members of Evil Empire are expected to be civil and to keep guild/raid chat free of arguments. Causing drama over loot, participation, quests, or anything at all will not be tolerated. The consequences of such actions will be suspension from guild for one day with an extra day for each offense thereafter. We also expect members to represent us well on public chat channels and message boards. Should it become evident that the continued membership of any person is destructive to the guild, said person shall be removed from the guild after a majority vote from officers and guild leaders.

This isn�t to say we expect a perfect world with no conflicts, but rather that we expect our members to resolve issues maturely and without excessive drama or strain on the other members of the guild or the on guild's reputation. If you have a problem with something or someone, it is YOUR responsibility to work it out privately with that person if possible, or failing that, to take the issue up with an officer and/or start a discussion internally on the guild message boards.


Evil Empire operates on the fundamental assumption that if you are in this guild, you have a strong desire to raid... just perhaps not necessarily every day of the week as our founders used to do in EQ. Raids will be scheduled three times per week via the private guild message boards, and unless otherwise stated, will commence at 8pm EST. Any guild member who is online during a scheduled raid is expected to attend the raid, unless there are mitigating circumstances which have been cleared with a guild officer. (For example, someone with too short a playtime for the evening to be a useful raid participant would likely be exempted from attending.) Scheduled raiding will not begin until enough members have reached level 60 to field a reasonable raid force. Unscheduled raiding may also happen anytime outside of scheduled raid times when enough people are online and interested in teaming up to achieve a goal, but attendance for these impromptu raids is non-mandatory.


Anyone that demonstrates a reasonable amount of skill and an aversion to drama is welcome to apply. Prospective members should contact an officer of the guild to talk about potential membership. In accordance with our desire to have only skilled, drama-free members, there will be a period where the prospect will be expected to group and interact with guild members, and attend raids so that each side may gain an appreciation of how good a fit the prospect would be in Evil Empire � and how good a fit Evil Empire would be for the prospect.

Current and former members of Legacy of Steel who would like to join Evil Empire should simply make themselves known to an officer and be able to reasonably prove that they were indeed a member of Legacy of Steel. Yes, we have had impostors already in the Beta test. However, prior membership in LoS is not a guarantee of membership in Evil Empire. The unwritten LoS philosophy of �we don�t care if you hate each other, so long as stuff gets killed� is not a part of the Evil Empire philosophy. You have to be able to get along with our members, and be a good fit for our style.


At this time, no decision has been made as to the method of loot distribution for raids. As the membership of the guild approaches the size and levels required to begin raiding, a decision on this will be made based on the desires of the guild as a whole at that point. However, loot on raids that would otherwise rot will be looted by a guild enchanter to be disenchanted for guild use only. These reagents will be freely used to enchant guild members� items. Loot gained in non-raid environments (instanced or not) shall be distributed as the group members see fit.