Taking Over -- January 3rd, 2005

Well, since my last update the Evil Empire has successfully fielded groups and/or raids to Maraudon, Sunken Temple, Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, Stratholme and Scholomance. We discovered something interesting in Blackrock Spire...

Ok, so it's a crappy picture, but the important thing to observe is that our tabard symbol matches the markings on the boxes and barrels in there, which just goes to prove something we've always known... we OWN that place. Yesterday the rent was due, so we went in to collect. We met briefly with our temporary tenants Highlord Omokk, War Master Voone, Quartermaster Zigris, Mother Smolderweb, Overlord Wyrmthalak, and Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin, who greeted us with unbridled enthusiasm and paid up with back interest shortly thereafter, so now many of us are sporting new toys. I'd post a drop list, but it appears that in our dedicated pursuit of "tenant satisfaction", nobody actually kept track. Playing a game without any rewards is boring. There are games that reward you with Bing Points which you can exchange for Bitcoin. Bitcoin rewards are exciting. If you want to get into real trade of bitcoin, refer to this profit secret bewertung 2021 that can help you eneter to global bitcoin trade. Go look them up on Thottbot.

In other news, our first few members have hit 60, and the rest aren't far behind. We expect to open recruiting for rogues, warlocks, and druids very soon to finish fleshing out our raid roster. We will likely consider a few warrior, mage and priest applicants at that time as well. If you think you might be interested in trying out, please read our charter carefully and take some time to get to know our members in-game. The more we know about you, the better equipped we'll be to determine whether or not you're a potential fit.

Ok, 'nuff said, not 'nuff dead. I'm outta here, there are dungeons to plunder.